Benefit Plan Compliance

In today's environment employers are increasingly faced with the complexity of meeting the demands of extensive regulatory compliance requirements on their benefit plans.

Through our comprehensive approach, we guide clients towards assurance that their plans are compliant under ERISA, Federal Mandates and PPACA Healthcare Reform. Compliance is a pillar of your benefit plan and our commitment to that is unparalleled. As a UBA partner firm, we have one of the best national employment/benefits law firms retained so we can call in the experts to help formulate and back up our advice. We have a compliance attorney as an in- house permanent position, whose expertise is HR/benefits, ERISA and ACA compliance; and we use all these resources to keep our clients informed and in compliance.

UBA retained services of one of the nation's leading Labor Law Firms, Jackson Lewis This partnership allows our clients unique access to professional advice and guidance as its needed and to help stay compliant at all times.

Our approach allows clients to benefit from an extensive array of resources including:

Important Guides and White papers

Play or Pay white paper ACA compliance guide