Benefit Technology Solutions

Even the best designed benefit plans can challenge both the HR & Benefit Managers and plague them with an overwhelming administrative effort.

Our strategy is to create a new level of efficiency for HR by providing clients with very effective solutions through leading technology and payroll service companies.

Some employers have a workforce who are technology-challenged. For them, we create a process and can administer as little or as much of their benefit plan as they like. For other employers the goal is to move from a paper intensive process to an on-line approach, which will eliminate the frustrations and investment of time in plan enrollment and ongoing administration. For the employer who wants the maximum technology, we have private exchange solutions where an employer may offer a defined contribution, and use the insurance carriers that best fit their needs, instead of limited pre-packaged choices. Employees elect from a full menu of benefits and select and enroll only in the coverage they want, and apply the employer allowance to their unique election. This model typically includes decision making software to help the employee best determine their needs.

The right technology is recommended to fit the goals you are trying to accomplish. We work with the leading technology players in benefits admin/HRIS, including some of our own UBA proprietary solutions.

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